Home of the Assassin Muzzle Brake
"Jerry has built seven custom rifles for me and all are less than half MOA guns. I have added Jerry's "Assassin" muzzle brake to all of my custom rifles and the results have been nothing short of amazing. The recoil (average 62% reduction) and muzzle blow back are something to behold. If you want a rifle that is a pleasure to shot you need to try this product."
Jerry Quin
"I can truly attest to JE Custom's dedication to high quality and accuracy.  The attention to detail and precision, I would say is beyond extreme.  I own two JE Custom rifles, both of which group 1/2" MOA or less.  I also recently had JE Custom's install their "Assassin" muzzle brake tuned for the loads that I am shooting on one of my rifles.  The recoil reduction far exceeded my expectations, at least 65%.  Not only does the "Assassin" muzzle brake look great as an addition to my favorite rifle, it also performs."
Bud Flores
Shreveport, LA
"I have always been recoil sensitive and did not enjoy shooting larger caliber rifles.While at the range I saw one of your brakes, and while talking to the owner, he said I should try it. Reluctantly, I did and was amazed. I ask if the loads were target loads because they didn't  kick. He said they were his hunting load and showed me the rounds. It was a 300 Weatherby and I had never been fond of shooting anything larger than my 270 win.

I have since bought a 300 win mag and had one of your brakes installed on it by a friend and now it is my go to rifle for elk and deer. I am considering buying a 338 lapua and it will wear the Assassin if I get it.

Thank you for a great product that allows me to use a larger caliber when needed."

"I recently had extensive shoulder surgery and was considering giving up hunting anything that required a high powered rifle and just use a 22 rf.
After watching your videos I had my gunsmith install one on my 35 Whelen and now I have one on my 7mm RM and 30/06 and can enjoy shooting all of them.

Now that I know how well they work the next one of your Tuned brakes on will be my 375 H&H and My 416 Remington."

Jack Perce
"My Name is Tomas Wilson and I shoot a 300 Win Mag. I have had this gun for 15 Years and I love the way it shoots. Shooting at animals was no problem, but each time I went to the range to sharpen my shooting, the kick got too be too much. After two or three shots I noticed myself jerking the shot because of recoil. In 2009 I Had Rotator cuff Surgery and did not get to shoot because I was scared That the kick would be too much on my shoulder. In 2013 I decided that it was time to get a muzzle brake put own because I'm not getting any younger.

A friend told me of a gun smith named Tom that installed the Assassin brakes. This was the best investment I made other than a good scope for my gun. My 300 Win Mag went from kicking like a mule to the recoil of a 243. I now can set at the range and shoot as much as I like. Now I can see just how far and accurate the gun is without rubbing my shoulder between shots. I would recommend that anyone whose rifle kicks like a mule would be just as pleased to have one of J E CUSTOMs  muzzle brakes put on as I am. I promise you will not be disappointed."

Tomas Wilson
"I Had J E custom,  Accurize  My 30/378  because I wasn't happy with the way it was shooting. 1.25" to 1.50" at 100 yards with a bunch of different factory ammo. I also had him install one of his Tuned Assassin muzzle brakes because the factory brake didn't seem to help the pounding much.

What a difference in how it shoots and in the recoil now. I took it out while sighting in my Muzzle loader for an up and coming hunt and tried the same Weatherby 180 factory ammo that shot 1.5 groups before and shot three, 3 shot groups in a row of less than 1/2 MOA. I can't wait to try some hand loads in it to see what I can get it to do at Long range.

Thanks again J E Custom for a great job, fast turnaround and great service."
"The first time I shot one of your brakes I thought something was wrong with my ammo. It seemed weak and felt like it was a starting load that I had picked up by mistake. So I decided to go ahead and burn it up. After shooting one of the best groups of my life, I took a good look at the box it was in and it said max on the box. Then I looked at the primers and they were flat. Before I shot any more I set up my chroney, they were the loads I use for hunting Elk Just like it said on the ammo box. I was amazed how much better they grouped and the lack of recoil my mountain Rifle had. My 338 RUM is very pleasant to shoot now and I think your muzzle brake helped the rifle and I know it helped me.

Amazed,  Your friend  Dirk"
"I was able to hit the range with my custom 300 rum with a assassin brake on the end of the tube. Let's me say, this is THE BEST BRAKE on the market today.  From recoil reduction, to muzzle flash, to muzzle jump, to noise, the Assassin break is far superior then all the others.  My 300 rum shoots over 100 grains of powder and pushes a 230 grain bullet. The felt recoil is somewhere between a 243 and 270. Bottom line...don't waste time and money looking for a brake when you can buy the best out of the gate.

Assassin brakes work!   Guns with Assassin Brakes 7 rum, 300 rum, 338 rum,  375 rum."

Jayson Brunette