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Welcome to J E Custom.

I provide custom Gun Smithing on a limited basis of the highest quality possible. Quality and accuracy is my number one priority.

Being innovative is one of my passions, working outside the box allows me to follow paths that reach the maximum potential for a firearm. When it comes to muzzle brakes there was lots of room for improvement. How to find that improvement was a challenge, and we took it upon ourselves to explore the physics of how a muzzle brake works. To my surprise, much of the known rules did not apply. Only impartial testing, not perception, could prove there is a way to improve on muzzle brake designs.

The Assassin is a muzzle brake that is capable of achieving maximum performance based on its design. The average improvement in recoil reduction is over 10% above the best existing designs. With custom tuning per caliber this can add an additional 10% reduction. The maximum reduction achieved to date is greater than 70% recoil reduction, 98% gas recoil reduction.

If you own a custom rifle, why not get a custom muzzle brake designed for your rifle, tuned for maximum recoil reduction.

If you wish to watch the videos of the tests performed. Please visit our YouTube channel.

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